> Christmas 2005

Pictures from the Christmas season. Happy Holidays!

wreath close
soft ornaments
soft ornaments 2
tree with lights
tree with lights 2
tree with lights 3
lighthouse ornament
all ornaments
tree in dark
leah and da-da
leah and aunt kristine
eric closeup
sarah and leonard
jack and presents
presents and tree
breakfast for christmas
uncle eric and leah
leonard and sarah
tired megan
Matthew and isaac
leah opening
leah presents 2
leah presents 3
leah presents 4
leah presents 4
jon and lisa
lisa shirt
jon shirt
megan's book
leonard pool
sarah s+p shakers
dad and mom opening
dad and mom opening 2
kristine with snowflake
leah with snowflake
leah presents again
leah sitting on present
leah slippers
leah presents
leah flashlight
leah flashlight 2
leah seat
leah chair
leah dora
sarah strainer
mom's coat