> Family 2005

These are some random family pictures from 2005. Mainly Leah, because she's the STAR of the show!

jon and lisa
locatis kids
leah smiles
sorry Eric
jon lisa wedding pics
eric presents
leah present for E
matthew bday 7
matthew bday 6
matthew bday 5
matthew bday 4
matthew bday 3
matthew bday2
matthew bday
leah highchair
leah song
family cards
leah cards
leah watching dora
aunt K and leah
leah on tiptoes
leah and puzzle 2
leah and puzzle 1
Eric and family with puzzle
leah and kitty 2
leah and kitty 1
leah and toys
leah cheesy
leah reading
jon and lisa bday 3
jon and lisa bday 2
leah and plane
leah crawl
jon and lisa bday 1
jon and lisa bday 0
leah goofball
leah grin
leah playing
leah giggle
eric leah leonard
leah chair
Card for Leah 2
Card for Leah 1
mom bday 4
mom bday 3
mom bday 2